leikela offers a unique and exceptional selection of curated art editions. These editions can be any kind of artwork – prints, paintings, sculpture, objects, fabrics and so on – affordable and with varying circulation figures – must haves for anyone who loves to explore and to be surrounded by art. The editions are done exclusively for leikela. We follow the artistic process and the production for you so you can not only enjoy the final artwork but also explore the making of the piece of art you are going to purchase for your home or any other place.

Surrounded and inspired by many contemporary artists, many of them younger and emerging, artists who are the future of the international art discourse, leikela wants to support, accompany and share artistic processes by documenting the creation of the artworks and by visiting the artists in their studios. It is also about discovering great works and collaborating with artists from all over the world on a personal basis instead of just “selling” works of art without relating to them.

leikela has a broad and daily growing network of artists and of productionplaces which we strive to connect, so that the artists also profit by having the option to be inspired by one another, to explore and play.

The artistic process and the finished artwork are inevitably linked. By following leikela on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll be able to be connected closely to these processes, accompanying the artist from the start until the finshied art editions will be displayed in our shop online. Wouldn’t it be great to actually observe the actual process of the creation of a piece of art, and then being able to buy it for your home or for someone you like? You will get an insight into the whole story behind it.


Rahel Gorten | leikela Team

Rahel Gorten


leikela was founded by Rahel Gorten, holding a M.A. in Cultural Studies, Romanistic and American Studies. She is surrounded by many artists in her personal sphere, therefore following many artistic processes closely. She has more than 10 years of experience in international businesses as Assistant to the General Management in the music industry. Once she started her own project involving art and artists, she was convinced that she wanted to follow up the idea behind leikela with every effort.

Diana Witte | leikela Team

Diana Witte

Sales & Business Development

Diana is interested in the “Big Picture” and big pictures! She is a partner at leikela in charge of sales and business development. Diana loves to survey the art world as an interconnected whole, taking on many roles to ensure both the community and the people within that community flourish. Diana is a curator, consultant, artist manager and cross-creative ideas editor for galleries in Paris and Berlin. She has experience organizing and promoting major art shows, managing brands, raising funds and recruiting sponsors. In 2016 Diana worked for a major Middle East NGO, where she organized and ran workshops in orphanages and refugee camps, bringing accomplished artists together with local youth. Giving conflict affected and marginalized youth face time with artistic role models, alongside opportunity to express themselves. Born in São Paulo. A Brazilian and German citizen. Diana studied contemporary art at Brighton University, England, and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin.


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