Aleen Solari

Aleen Solari (born 1980, Bielefeld) lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. She studied Master Of Fine Arts at HfbK Hamburg. Aleen has been awarded the Zukunftsstipendium Hamburg in 2021, Arbeitsstipendium Künstlerhaus Lauenburg 2021 and ZEIT Stiftung Stipendium in 2019 among other. In 2020 Aleen released the artist book Direct Into Chaos at Montez Press.

Selected Exhibitions: „Gegenwart“ Exhibition/Performance Projekt, Hamburg, 2021; „End of Psych“ Galerie Meike Bilir, Hamburg, 2021; Adidas Gladiotors, Künstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg, 2020; BABY, Galerie Melike Bilir, Hamburg, 2020;  NEUSPRECH, Weserburg, Bremen, 2020; Quarantine Copy, Kunstverein Miagou, Manila, 2020; DAISY Galerie Oelfrüh, Hamburg, 2020;  Covid 19 Diaries, Lovaas Projects, München, 2020; WHAT CHEESE ARE YOU. Kunstverein Jesteburg, 2020; ´TIL MY LEGS FELT LIKE STONE Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, 2019; SOLL ICH PASSENDE MUSIK SUCHEN, Kunstverein Leipzig, 2019; OT. Ruine Headquarter, Hannover, 2019; 2018 THE BAMBOO SHOW, Kunstverein Dortmund, 2019; A Routen Trip turns into a Enchanting Escapade, Galerie M. LeBlanc, Chicago, 2019; DER MENSCH IN DER REVOLTE, Das Institut für moderne Kunst zu Gast im Neuen Museum, Nürnberg, 2019; Abschlussausstellung, Hamburg Stipendium, Sammlung Falkenberg, 2019; 2017; ROBYN, Warten, Kunsthalle Hamburg, 2017 and more.

© Portrait: Jenny Schäfer


About Aleen’s edition for leikela:

1989/4:18, light object, glazed ceramics, edition of 10 + 2 AP, colors vary, dimension approx. h 14 x w 8 x d 17 cm – sizes vary, 2022. Photo credit © Miguel Ferraz


The Terrarium


The apartment is on the third floor, eighty-six worn-down heavy stone steps lead up to it. Each floor in between is adorned with a high oval window. The windows are veiled with bulging pink nylon curtains, and they hazily reveal a view of a dusky steppe landscape. Bottle caps lie scattered on the floor so each steps clatters and clinks. The apartment door on the third floor is made of frameless glass, it can be opened without a sound. Stretching beyond it there is long hallway with seamless mirrored walls. Every three meters there is a small airhole punched through. In the last quarter of the corridor there is a shelf with all sorts of utensils, tools, beeswax panels, crumbled dog food. A bright room at the end of the hallway shines through the doorless opening. The light is emanating from an enormous chandelier consisting of a single long drop of water. The room is nearly empty, in the middle there is the red, antique, rounded sofa from the neighboring painting gallery, it is faded and sandy. Three broad steps lead to a gallery that also serves as an elevated tub. Growing out from the smooth walls of the empty pool there are ten snake heads with gleaming eyes, their skin shimmering in mother-of-pearl, pastel, and neon, reflecting the polished surface of the tub. Their jaws are gaping, they spit light. Inside the tub, there is a pale teenager sipping a juice box called Durstlöscher. It is hot and dry.


Text by Lisa Klosterkötter

Translation by Theodore Kuttner


Edition in progress





Other works by Aleen Solari

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© Courtesy of the artist


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