Marcel Hüppauff

Marcel Hüppauff (*1972 in Stuttgart), lives and works in Hamburg. He started studying art history and in the mid-nineties, the »Akademie Isotrop« was founded by him and a few other artists, like André Butzer, Jonathan Meese, Roberto Ohrt, Markus Selg Abel Auer, Stefan Thater and Susanne Winterling, to name a few. In this surrounding he got back into making art himself. They became an influential group of artists initiating their own academy, giving lectures, realizing exhibitions and so on until the year 2000.

Birds and scarecrows are strong and recurring figures in his earlier work. The atmosphere in his paintings is often nocturnal and at the same time luminous but also reminding of cartoonesque landscapes at the same time. He creates peculiar and unique realms. Marcel explains: “The rational adult world I oppose with a childlike naive world.“ Figures withdrew more and more from his paintings and his art has grown more abstract in the past few years.

When he starts painting he has no clear sketch, concept or colors in mind but gets drawn in by the independent existence and power of the colors. In the process he steps back as the artist and then looks at the work even more consciously to see what happened with the painting and then responds to this. Spontaneous and intuitive play with the colors and the progress of the forms, is what characterizes Marcel’s work and gives it such a strong and intense expression.

Marcel has been showing his works in exhibitions internationally. In the past years Marcel exhibited at Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, Daniel Buchholz Cologne, Galerie Nomadenoase Hamburg, Galerie Krinzinger Vienna, Galerie Seiler Munich, Galerie van de Loo München, Kunstverein Heppenheim, Gloria Berlin, Galerie Börgmann Mönchengladbach, Meliksetian | Briggs Los Angeles, Phantom Projects Contemporary in Troyes,  MARC STRAUS Gallery New York to name a few. This year he will show his works in group shows in April at 8.Salon in Hamburg and in May in New York: ‘POINTS OF LIGHT IN A NOCTURNAL WORLD’.


About Marcel’s edition for leikela:


Edition: 2018, Linocut, 78 x 57 cm, Edition of 21, hand-colored, each one has a different color composition.

Check out the artist making the linocut print during our studio visit:


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